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Default GTX 480 Fan Problem

Hi all,

I have an EVGA GTX 480 and I have encountered a random error that I am hoping others here may have heard about. I am running NVidia 258.96 drivers, they were installed after old drivers were removed and Driver Sweeper was run. I use EVGA Precision to control the fan speed, it is set to 70% and idles around 40C. As I am playing a game the temps vary depending on the game, of course. But occasionally the fan stops running at 70% and the temps climb to 100C +. When I notice it, I open up Precision and try setting a different fan speed and it doesn't respond. It isn't until after I boot the machine will Precision control the fan again.

It is an annoyance, as I don't like the idea of running the GPU over 100C. The machine seems to work fine, the game doesn't lag or lockup, the temps just climb and the fan seems to run somewhere near 35 - 40%.

I am open to ideas here. I reloaded the drivers clean. I have the latest Precision. I tried MSI Afterburner, and it seems to do the same thing with that program as well. No fan control, and a reboot is needed to regain control.

Any ideas?

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