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Default SSD price drop... for real this time?

So everybody's heard rumors concerning large SSD price drops for the past year or more, but it's yet to materialize. However, I have a cousin that works in the industry and word is that at least one major manufacturer (I believe it was Samsung, but I need to confirm that as I was drinking quite a bit at the time of the discussion) has unofficially announced that they have paid off the build overhead/cost of their NAND SSD factories. This has dropped the manufacturing cost of SSD's by a whopping 80%! This would put SSD's not far above regular HDD's in manufacturing cost.

Now there are a couple things to consider if this information is accurate. First is that the current saturation of high cost SSD's in the market would need to be liquidated before the consumer sees this drop. Next is that an 80% manufacturing drop does NOT translate to an 80% price drop for the consumer. (Unfortunately) And finally, assuming this information is accurate, how long do they operate at a large profit margin before passing the savings on?

My estimate, again assuming this information is accurate, is that we'll see a savings by Q2, 2011. But whether it translates to a 40% price drop, or a lowly 15-20% to keep money in corporate pockets, is anyone's guess.

I've been scouring the net for anything posted to get at least 1 confirmation on this, but I haven't come up with anything yet. If I can come up with anything official, I'll post it.
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