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What am I supposed to even say in this thread? I've pm'd you multiple times over this and its pretty much coming down to money from what I've gathered. To me right now, all you want is 10$ back since you could have bought a supposed 'perfect' but used megahalems from somebody for $45. If you even look at the photo ,you can see that the base plate or whatever its called is still sealed in its bag, theres no way I can have used it. I dont go out of my way to go f*k people over on a sale over a bloody heatsink. Even if I were to be keeping my heatsink in a humid area, this would not affect the base since its covered by a plastic cover. Even then, it's been in my room the entire time with other computer parts and in a perfectly climate controlled environment. By your logic of me keeping my stuff in a humid environment, all my stuff should be rusting.

What exactly have you 'lost' in this transaction anyways? You can't even prove to anybody right now that the megahalems suffers from any performance decrease which was your primary concern when you first messaged me. Even after I told you and others have told you that it doesnt affect performance, it became more of a crusade to get money back due to the condition of the base. This gets even more weirder in my opinion since you knowingly mounted the heatsink even after finding the discoloration on it. Im a 20minute walk away from my house, its not that hard to have just walked over and showed the base to me BEFORE you mounted it. After this mounting, you find that the discoloration is removed in the center. You say you've spent time thats worth 'way' more than 5 or 10$ arguing...then instead of arguing go back and conjure up a $10 bill for yourself instead of complaining nonstop. I CANNOT check the base of a heatsink myself for discolorations when a plastic slip is over it, I've had filmy plastic slips on the base of my hsf's before and they do quite a good job of hiding any imperfections. If anything, I could reverse this entire argument since I let you check the item before you bought it. If you were absolutely concerned about this issue, you could have checked the base yourself, looked for all accessories but instead, at the time of meetup, you popped it open for a cursory glance and completed the transaction. I stated its BNIB, unused and thats how I sold it as, no item can ever be called BNIB and unused if a seller goes and uses everything to 'double check' that every thing is in working order. Lets say for example the heatsink baseplate was incorrectly tapped with holes and it prevents the proper mounting of the heatsink, is that something I'm supposed to double check on a new item without actually using it? You may say this is an unfair analogy but its pretty damn similar considering the fact that a seller can't test their items. Also, I'm not sure if you noticed, but do you know how bloody hard it is to remove that heatsink from being stuffed inside that cardboard in the photo? From my inspection of it, you can't even get it out with damaging the cardboard, thus reaffirming my statement of it being completely new. I've personally had enough of this bullshit, more power to you if you think you can nit pick everything and get people to refund you money. If you want something perfect with all the protections (ie insurance) go buy in store and dont be a cheap ass and save 10$ in tax