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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
I know that he plans to continue using the cards, but my comments still stand. If they do end up failing past the warranty period, it will not be very expensive to replace them with something comparable.

Yes, if you sell the card after a few years, the warranty is over. However, EVGA's lifetime warranty is non-transferable, so it does not make the prospect of buying a used EVGA card any more attractive than buying a card from another brand. When buying used, the warranty generally doesn't factor into it, unless it's an XFX card since they do have transferable warranties (but XFX does not offer 400-series cards).
Right...right. Good point! The warranty only applies so much if you've decided to keep the card for the remainder of the life of it. As the other poster said, he'd move it to another machine so he still might want to get a lifetime warranty card.

I am starting to see the attraction to the reference design type so I think it might be worth it to me to save some bucks and hope the card doesn't die or something. Do you think the one I previously posted is a good choice? The clock is a bit low but maybe it's not a big deal to overclock it a bit?
I really just should have suggested that he get something that doesn't use the external exhaust EVGA cooler. It performs poorly and is noisy. There are other 460s on the market that have very good non-reference coolers, like the MSI Cyclone cards for example, and those would also be good choices
Those get good reviews no matter which site you go to as well.

My fav. so far is the one I linked to. EVGA reference cooler version. It's one of the cheaper ones when you price match, $229, and so probably easy to 'control' if you have to. But, then again, price is something I'm particularly looking at so other buyers might find the non-reference cooler types or the EE versions more appealing for what they're looking for. Having to pay an additional $30 or more might not be as big a deal for them?

Anyway, I was mostly just wanting to clear up a few things and keep my options open. I'm planning on shutting up now unless there's new info presented. :) Thanks for all the info! I'm still not sure I can afford these cards but it's good to know more info about it and help narrow them down a bit. Who knows, maybe the prices will come down when I'm more ready to buy... yeah, right. I'm never *that* lucky!
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