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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
Well those ones won't help me as they don't have them at Memory Express, but that isn't the real reason while I would not get them. It is because they are the TR models and they do not have life time warranty. I know for a lot of people that doesn't matter as they will be upgrading before the 2 year warranty but even if I do upgrade to another card before then this one would just go into another older machine, so lifetime warranty means something to me.

But if you don't care about the warranty and don't want the EE, then those are the cards for you.
Fair enough on the warranty aspect, but there are other manufacturers that offer two or three year warranties (and Zotac also offers lifetime warranties), and realistically, by the time the warranty is up the cards will either be nearly obsolete or you'll be able to replace them with something equal or better for a low cost. But that's just my opinion; if you feel safer with a lifetime warranty, then more power to you.
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