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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
For someone who is (or should be) a disinterested 3rd party you sure are arguing both sides of the coin extremely hard. One moment its "its not opened how do you expect him to know the condition" the next its "he opened it to check the condition". So which was it. What did your friend do? Was it unopened or was it opened. You cant have it both ways.
You are quoting the wrong guy on that one. I never said that that it was unopened in this thread.

Originally Posted by AkG View Post
You dont call him names, insuinuate he is an idiot or anything of similar ilk.
I tell the customer that something like this has no effect and is not visible when in use and if he still has a problem with it he can go buy something else somewhere else at full total price.

Originally Posted by AkG View Post
No this cooler was not in 100% Factory condition as even if it left the factory like this is does not meet Prolimatech's standards. That is unless you are saying ALL Prolimatech's come with major or minor imperfections? Is that what you are trying to argue?
I never said it meets their standards. I said it was factory condition, which is what both of you were arguing.
A technicality? Perhaps, but you have to state what you mean how you mean it.

Originally Posted by AkG View Post
As for your hard drive analogy. No not over a sticker but if the SATA ports were discolored or there was a ding in the housing then yes. It wouldnt be in perfect condition.
A discoloured SATA port is still purely cosmetic. A ding however could have been caused after the internal components were installed and that certainly does pose a potential serious threat to the internal components that could result in a real failure. If his heatpipes were thin or cut/worn almost through the sidewall I would condone sending it back as that is a legitimate problem. If there was a chunk of metal missing from the base, he would have a legitimate reason to send it back.

But this discolouration is a non-visible cosmetic "issue".
Would it not have ended up stained from some thermal compounds anyway? More discolouration!

*Edit I got ninja'd by like, 5 posts >_>

Originally Posted by 0o0 View Post
You really think that 3 passes of 70% alcohol and 1 generous pass of arcticlean 1/2 is not enough? What would you recommend then?
99% iso never made my cooler's base and CPU perfect looking after thermal compound staining. It still works just fine though and since I only ever see it when the cooler is removed and cleaned it is a completely and fully non-issue since it has no performance impact.

Oh, and also, things I say here might sound harsh, but they are actually pretty much just limited to this thread/issue.
And guys come on, the IRC channel is no more evil than chatting on steam/xfire/etc.

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