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I'm not willing to eat the loss, and crossfire doesn't want to do anything about it. He hasn't even actively participed in this discussion. I am well aware of how insignificant it may seem to most people, and it is a very little thing for me, but it is still something and I'm not just about to let it by. I know mods are reading this, probably still deciding, but the longer this takes the longer it damages the community. It's easy for Crossfire to drop it because he has nothing to loose. I've spent time worth WAY more than $5 or $10 trying to argue with Crossfire, macjunky etc. I've come this far I'm not about to give up now. Hell, if crossfire gave me a full refund for it right now I still thinks he needs a negative just for making it such a huge hassle that's stretched something like a week long and countless messages.