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Originally Posted by MacJunky View Post
So you seriously take a car back because one side of the undercoating was a grey instead of black like the other side? Or because someone put a dab of green paint on the underside of the floor pans? (your botched paintjob one was too extreme, and the food one was not related at all)

This is not visible unless you remove the heatsink and clean it properly.(something 0o0 has already failed to do, actually..)
This is not affecting the performance.
The rest of the heatsink is fine wrt finish as well as physically.
At best he might be able to get away saying that it is 99.9% instead of 100%.

But you know what? That heatsink came from the factory like that so "new 100% original factory condition" is what he has.

I do not send an HDD back because the sticker was not completely straight. That mis-aligned sticker is new 100% factory condition and it is purely cosmetic, just like his cooler.

I recall hearing somewhere, true or not, that the backplate was still sealed... soo. *shrug*
You really think that 3 passes of 70% alcohol and 1 generous pass of arcticlean 1/2 is not enough? What would you recommend then? Cleaning your g110 is very different, it's fix-able where as this problem with the base can't be fixed. Uneven coating inside a case is completely normal, I get it with all my cases and I've never complained because that's an effect of the manufacturing (painting) method and all cases are supposed to come like that. OTOH heatsink bases aren't supposed to come this messy. I really don't understand why it's so difficult to admit that there is definitely something wrong with the base and that crossfire should offer some sort of resolution or compensation to it.