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Originally Posted by MacJunky View Post
So you seriously take a car back because one side of the undercoating was a grey instead of black like the other side? Or because someone put a dab of green paint on the underside of the floor pans? (your botched paintjob one was too extreme, and the food one was not related at all)

This is not visible unless you remove the heatsink and clean it properly.(something 0o0 has already failed to do, actually..)
This is not affecting the performance.
The rest of the heatsink is fine wrt finish as well as physically.
At best he might be able to get away saying that it is 99.9% instead of 100%.

But you know what? That heatsink came from the factory like that so "new 100% original factory condition" is what he has.

I do not send an HDD back because the sticker was not completely straight. That mis-aligned sticker is new 100% factory condition and it is purely cosmetic, just like his cooler.

I recall hearing somewhere, true or not, that the backplate was still sealed... soo. *shrug*
For someone who is (or should be) a disinterested 3rd party you sure are arguing both sides of the coin extremely hard. One moment its "its not opened how do you expect him to know the condition" the next its "he opened it to check the condition". So which was it. What did your friend do? Was it unopened or was it opened. You cant have it both ways.

As for your arguments, IF you buy a new car and the paint job is not PERFECT then yes you are well within your rights to bring it back. That is the real world. Unlike what you stated previously, the customer IS always right. Even if he is wrong. You try to accommodate him. You dont call him names, insuinuate he is an idiot or anything of similar ilk.

No this cooler was not in 100% Factory condition as even if it left the factory like this is does not meet Prolimatech's standards. That is unless you are saying ALL Prolimatech's come with major or minor imperfections? Is that what you are trying to argue?

As for your hard drive analogy. No not over a sticker but if the SATA ports were discolored or there was a ding in the housing then yes. It wouldnt be in perfect condition.

I honestly thought you were trying to have a genuine serious conversation. Obviously I was wrong. So this is my last post in this thread. Once again the IRC crowd drag another thread down into the gutter when others with dissenting opinions voice their opinion. Great going guys. Keep up that great "team IRC" spirit. Afterall thats whats "really" important.

Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
So you think it was used first and then sold?

When I got my Logitech G110 a month or two ago from one of NCIX's sales I opened it, and there was a smudge on the hand rest as if someone had been resting their hand on it. I wiped it off and made sure there were no real problem with the KB and carried on. I didn't ask NCIX for $5 back...

I can't say if this cooler was unused or not though since I'm not the seller or buyer.
Nope. I dont. My best guess is it was just improperly stored either before or after crossfire got it. Personally, I dont think it matters one way or the other. He sold it as being in NEW condition. It was not. That is a simple fact. You could argue it was 99.99999999999% and it wouldnt matter it was sold based on false advertising. Most likely inadvertent false advertising as Im sure crossfire would never do that. But still false. Everything else is just dross.

Hopefully him and 0o0 can come to some accommodation that doesn't involve implying o0o is an idiot, or o0o implying crossfire is dishonest. Not a mod, have no inisder information. Just simply a disinterested 3rd party who didnt like the way crossfire's IRC buddies were treating o0o.
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