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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
Well those ones won't help me as they don't have them at Memory Express, but that isn't the real reason while I would not get them. It is because they are the TR models and they do not have life time warranty. I know for a lot of people that doesn't matter as they will be upgrading before the 2 year warranty but even if I do upgrade to another card before then this one would just go into another older machine, so lifetime warranty means something to me.

But if you don't care about the warranty and don't want the EE, then those are the cards for you.
Excellent points, imho! I definitely wouldn't be 'upgrading' and replacing the card any time soon so that's a good reason for me to go for a lifetime warranty card, at least, for me. Since these cards are considered noisy, these fans must be working a bit much to keep the card cool so you never know. I think the lifetime warranty is probably worth the extra $20 although I hate to say it.

I would like the varieties that push the air out the back, too. I am sure one can keep good cooling in an Antec 300 but the air flow would need noisier fans as they'd have to be running faster, maybe? Anyway, the point made by ipaine is good enough for me. I don't know if I can come up with the $200+ smackaroos though but if I decide to go for a GTX 460, I'm going to try for a 1GB EE version, I think.

The other advantage of the lifetime warranty versions (e.g. -AR) is that they might be a bit more inviting if you decided to sell. Say, you decide to go to AMD/ATI's HD 6xxx cards for whatever reason, the GTX 460 EVGA 1GB EE -AR cards will probably retain decent value. They're also said to be good for 'SLI' if that's what you're after. Enough of my $.02.
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