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Originally Posted by MacJunky View Post
Obviously he opened the box itself. Did you not see these? On a side note you better not shop for any expansion cards at the local PC shop here, oh no, they open the boxes to look at the chipsets for customers that actually care! o.o shocking

0o0, really, it was exactly as advertised. Nowhere did he say was that it was 100% perfect with no even slight blemishes or even so much as skin oils. That is an unreasonable promise or expectation.

BNIB does not equal perfect; all it means is that the product is new and unused and in the original box (without abuse of course, and this is not abuse). People expecting perfection are making unreasonable expectations. And no, I am not out of line saying that.
Also, new does not equal perfect either, nor does "right off the assembly line/out of the factory"

You know what? my PC's case has overspray on a few parts of the inside, I should go knocking on NCIX's door and tell them that they need compensate me. OMG LINUS U SCREWED ME!
And ICDiamond dudes, you made my CPU's IHS and my cooler's base way daaarrkk! bitches stained mah shit! New PhenomX4+HSF plzkthx.
( NCIX, CoolerMaster and IC dudes(that make crazy thermal compound) are directed to ignore the above two lines, you guys are not at fault and all my shizt still works great and you guys are great. <3 )

Actually that is a perfectly reasonable expectation. That is what New means. New means its in 100% original factory condition. You dont buy a new car with defects in the paint job. You dont buy a new subway sandwhich with a bite out of it. AND if you do you bring it back and they replace it while apologizing for the mishap. Stating otherwise is being disingenuous. But other than that....good going for trying to keep the discussion on topic and at a mature level.
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