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Thank you AkG for your support, I really appreciate it. I did offer to settle the issue with a $10 partial refund a few days ago, I would also settle for $5 if he just admits it instead of having this time consuming debate. When he gave me the package, he had clearly opened it before because there were unboxing crevices. The transparent sticker was still intact on the base. I just realized that it may be a possibility that he opened it, noticed the defective base, and decided to sell it instead of dealing with cross-border rma, though I don't think and hope that's not the case. What matters is how it's advertised, not the price. It was advertised BNIB at $55, and I agreed to pay the asking $55 for a BNIB mega. Even if it was $10, I still expect it to be in perfect and new condition, nothing more and nothing less, no different if it was $55 or $80. AkG is right, just because it doesn't impact performance doesn't mean that there are no problems.