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ya, but it looks like an aerosol can or some kind of can like that.
You see, when doing fans, all you need is a little bit of graphite and a few, maybe 5 drops of oil, and i mean drops, not spoons, lol
One small tube of graphite powder from Can tire, about $3, will last you a lifetime doing fans.
And the pen. Just buy the pen or the bottle with the hose on it, long, very thin, fine hose. Use up the oil in them and open them up and put some more oil. Any oil, long as its not too heavy. Heck, you could even use motor oil, but whats better is sewing machine oil because its very light and thin and gets into the places you want the graphite to get into. As i said, the oil is only there to move the graphite around. Oil dissipates with heat, but you are left with the graphite which doesnt dissipate with heat and thats why my method works!
It will repair, again, 99.99% of fans. I have only run into one fan that i couldnt fix, it was too far gone. But i did quiet it down some,lol, just not enuf to say it was a success. But the fan was simply too far gone.
As a matter of fact, the more i think about it, the more i should have pointed this out to MacJunky. If you use thin oil, like sewing machine oil, the oil and the graphite will get to where it should get to in order to quiet the fan down.
I do remember a couple times where i had to use more oil and more graphite to quiet a fan, the first try didnt do it. But thats rare as well. Get enough graphite in there and problem solved.
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