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Sure there is "nothing wrong with it" except it is not in 100% condition and the buyer was unhappy. Why is that so hard to understand that he is well within his rights to be unhappy. Id either offer to refund it upon return or give a slight rebate.

Sure he COULD have gone through retail and gotten a bad cooler as well. BUT you know what...ncix wouldnt be giving him hassle over it. If he explained to them the issue, I would be very surprised if they did anything other then say send it back and we will send a new one to you.

Did the seller sell it at below retail cost. Yes. He obviously thought a perfect condition prolima cooler was worth 55. Its not a perfect condition cooler. Its in "like new" condition. If the buyer wants to say it doesnt matter thats his right. BUT it is his reputation and not mine. Its also 0o0 right to give a bad itrader over it. Thats also how the real world works. You either fix the issue till the buyer is happy (or at least offer solutions that dont boil down to Piss Off or STFU n00b or etc etc etc)....or deal with having an unhappy customer. Im not saying offer a 100% rebate here, Im saying Id have said heres five bucks for your trouble or send it back and I will refund you your money. IF the buyer wanted more then 5 then answer would be "NO. I will refund 100% upon return or give you 5 bucks, there is no third option."
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