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AkG, the simple fact here is that there is nothing actually wrong with this cooler.
Originally Posted by Lpfan4ever View Post
But buying something never opened from somebody poses the same risk as buying something unopened from retail, minus a nice comfy warranty. If it's absolutely imperative that a person gets something perfect, then stick to retail where you can get an exchange or refund. I personally think Crossfire has zero problems right now regarding this as everything regarding the condition of the cooler (Other than it being BNIB) is out of his hands.

If 0o0 had gone through normal retail channels he would have paid more in the end for a supposedly 100% item that could still have had the same issue. If, like now, he got one and was not happy with it then he would have to pay to send it back.(even though the cooler is fine and he will rarely ever see anything "wrong")
He still got a good deal compared to what the alternative is.

This whole situation is completely overblown.

Oh hey, 0o0, if you are really that unhappy with the cooler ya wanna mail that defective POC to me for cheap? ;)