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We are not talking about a cellophane wrapped item here. BNIB coolers can still be taken out of the box and checked and still sold as BNIB. I cant imagine selling something without checking it out first! Murphy's Law is always in effect. This is a case of it biting the seller on the butt. Sure you CAN sell anything without even looking but when it goes south....its YOUR reputation on the line. Saying blame Prolimatech not the seller is nonsense. If you get a bad car you dont go back to the mfg'er you go back to the seller. If you buy a new CPU from Newegg and its a USED CPU, you blame NEWEGG and not just Intel. Thats how it works in the real world.

Hell imagine if there was nothing but a rock in there (and yes this has happened on occasion, rember the ipod BS that was traced back to a rogue employee). Same goes for checking the base, the sticker can be reapplied. Yanking off a sticker and checking the base takes two seconds. Checking it out doesnt magically reduce the status from 100%. Hell its a fricking see-through sticker. Take a look and reassure yourself its good before reselling items is just plain good business sense (ncix does this with some items like mobos before they ship it). This aint rocket science. IF after all that it still goes south and the buyer can prove it didnt meet NEW status...make it right. Its your REPUTATION on the line. I honestly cant believe peeps are having such a hard time with something as simple as A) "CYA" before selling anything B) do your best to make things right as your rep is more important then five bucks.
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