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OK, maybe it is just me and the places I buy and sell's definition of "New", but if I purchase over the Internet a product advertised as BNIB I expect this:
"Guaranteed to be Complete, unused and in the same condition as it was when it left the factory."
or at the very least
"Must never have been used and is in 100% condition but original booklets may be missing ".

These are the two usual definitions professionals use when advertising as "NEW" and it all boils down to: it HAS to be in 100% condition. Doesn't matter if you used it or not. The buyer expects it to be PERFECT.

Sorry but surface imperfections make it less then 100% in my book. Will it inpact on performance? Nope. But that is not what matters. The product was sold as not "Like New Condition" (either used gently or never used but has minor storage related issues, usually 95%+ condition) it was sold as New. It is on the onus of the seller to make sure the product is in said condition if that is how s/he advertised it. In other words I would be annoyed too. My first guess was it was used but it simply could be a case of the factory QA dept testing it and not cleaning it properly before slapping the shipping label on it and it happened as it was stuck in the warehouse. Was their any malice on the sellers behalf? Doubtful, but when the buyer discovered this obviously not 100% condition it is up to the seller to make it right. As for the price, the seller felt it was worth $55 in BNIB condition. That is how much it is worth to him. Since it is not in New condition, but rather "Like New" condition I think the seller needs to come to some accommodation with the buyer. Either return for full refund (shipping at buyers expense of course) or a minor discount. Usually "Like New" condition is a couple % cheaper. If the buyer is unwilling to make such arrangements (personally Id offer either a full refund or $5 bucks off) then use the system that is in place and submit a poor iTrader rating.
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