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MacJunky, no offence taken. I have done this so many many times that i find my way works 99.99% of the time.
In addition, i was trying to keep my tutorial simple as not all of us want to be taking fans apart, especially when my way works down to the shaft anyway and without all the extra work involved.
So, following my tutorial will take care of the problem 99.99% of the time.

low351, if you have any questions before i get the pics up, please email or pm me and i will be happy to help out. It really is easy once you have done it once, lol.
Just make sure you get graphite powder, preferrably in the plastic squeeze tube, Can Tire store or any auto parts store. And again, the oil is only to help spread the graphite around so any light oil will do the trick. But, there is oil in a pen format that is easy to work with. There is also a bottle with a long, thin, pullout on it so that you can pull it out, about a foot, and then squeeze on the bottle. This helps you direct exactly where you want the oil to go. Pretty sure you can get this at Can Tire as well, been a long time as i re-fill mine with oil when it runs out so i havent had to go looking for this bottle.

I tried your link to can tire, it doesnt work for me.
But, again, its graphite oil in the tube.
And let us know how it turns out, because i know it will turn out good, i've done so many.
Matter of fact i have started doing my trick on all new fans even before i use them. I feel that that would be a good idea for video card fans!
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