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My System Specs


Welcome to the forums :)

Your motherboard does not support Crossfire nor SLI. Therefore I recommend the GTX460. Just make sure you get the AR version of the EVGA card. If you do choose Xfire or SLI, be prepared for increased power consumption and <100% scaling. Also you need a new motherboard that supports SLi or Xfire. Two GTX260 will give you the best performance from the selection.

I recommend the CM 212+ CPU cooler. I would also pay a bit more for the Retail box of the PII 945. You get warranty directly from AMD, not the store that you bought your parts from.

You are still missing a case. I would wait till the HAF912 comes out in September and then choose a case. I recommend the Antec 300, Azza 910, CM 690II, Silverstone PS04 or PS05.
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