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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
It doesn't.
Good to know, I dont feel as bad using it and being lazy.

Originally Posted by fishingfanatic View Post
As far as I know, there is a small jumper that usually comes with the card that hooks up between the card and a spot on the motherboard. My old 280 OC and 295 GTX both came with this cable. If you didn't get one try talking to the manufacturer's rep as I couldn't find one unless I tried ebay. When I conacted my rep he sent one free of charge. Gotta love XFX. Also with HDMI you don't need anything else, it carries both digital audio and video.
Haha well I have to hdmi it to my monitor before I can get it to the sound system. Its a really old receiver, and it is barely holding on. Too bad my other one kinda... blew up out of nowhere.
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