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My System Specs


The pictures don't really speak the little brown dots on the base of it. It's not residue, I don't see why I would take a picture of it without thoroughly cleaning it with arcticlean 1/2 first.

Let's put it this way, if you received a megahalems that was new and unused and it came with a discoloured dirty base with small brown spots, would you be happy with it? I paid for a perfect new megahalems and I didn't receive it. If all megahalems were like this or if it were 'normal', there would probably be more complaints than just myself.

Lapping Warning!
Prolimatech does not condone any type of lapping done to the CPU or to heatsink base. Every Prolimatech's heatsink base is designed on a pin-point scale of how the base is to be flat and/or curved where it's needed to be. We have programed our machines to machine the surface in a very calculated way. Any after-manufacture lapping or modding done to the base will alter the design, hence negating its performance factor as well as its warranty.

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