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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
I'll say it right here. You likely won't see another TR product reviewed here due to their practices when it comes to contesting results and general pressure towards positive reviews.

If you give their product a glowing review, you won't hear a thing from them. Give them many positive reviews and....well....look for websites that have done just that and see which ad banners they have on rotation.

If the results you get are anytihng less than class-leading, a page-long email talking about their testing methods, engineering excellence and justification for their generally unwarranted snobbery will soon follow. Since we make it a point to discuss our results with manufacturers prior to posting a review, most companies welcome the feedback since even negative results can help improve a product line. Thermalright on the other hand has gone so far as to request (in a round-about way) that some results not be published. Or, they request endless retests to be done to the point where the item being reviewed is no longer of interest to readers. Basically, they sow enough doubt in a reviewer's mind about his results that he will either bow to the pressure or just review the products in a positive light.

We do neither and as a result have effectively left Thermalright off our reviewing list until their practices change. I understand that Thermalright was once a market leader but the loss of several highly-valued engineers to their competitors has affected them in a negative way and it seems they are worried about the ability of their products to stand up by their own merits.
Very Good to know, Thanks SKYMTL I hope hard ocp is not folding under pressure or cash

edit very glad i posted this, Because now i know.
I really don't like a company that does anything beside advertise for there product outside of that the product should speak for it self.
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