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Well..I just got off the phone with second tier level support.

This is funny....

EVGA - yeah...I have seen the mod. But we have lots of people running triple and quad 480's who are not having this problem of melting connectors.

Me- But there are others out there with Classifieds that have/are having this issue.

EVGA - but we have never seen melted connectors

Me - thinking to myself huh?

EVGA - we can replace the board. But it is probably just going to do the same thing again - But we don't think it is a problem with the MB....

me - thinking to myself wtf? Can't run the triple gtx 480's cause the MB pulls so much power on my yellow is my gtx 480s problem....or MB problem for not having the extra molex connector I am going to have to mod in.

Guess it is time to heat up the soldering iron and hope I get it right

Over all I am not mad about it....just disappointed to run into this problem.

I never saw this problem coming when planning to run triple 480's. Thought I had all my bases covered. Good well ventilated case, power supply to more then meet the needs of any power the 480's or future cards may need, a MB that is top notch ( I still think the EVGA is good MB company).

24 pin connector melting...didn't plan for that , lol first time it has ever happened.

If I mess the mod up..and make it look like no mod happened..they will still give me an RMA.
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