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This is extremely disappointing that the $400 MB I paid for (I know it has come down in price). Basically can't handle triple sli'd 480's (least the particular one I happen to own).

I am at a that mod, to take off some of the power weight the GPU's are demanding through those poor little yellow wires. Which possibly voids my warranty.


RMA the board...hope the replacement is somehow able to manage. Which maybe it can handle it, but always have the is the connector melting. In the back of my mind.


Hope that by some miracle EVGA upgrades me to the MB that has the built in molex adapter (free or...let guess 200 bucks I do not have). Unfortunately I can see how the argument would I do not have the technical back ground to argue the technical jargon . Other then...the MB is melting my PS connector....your freaking E760 can't handle it

But EVGA is a reputable you never know.

Lol I have done mods before....

Alright 3oh6, perhaps some more details..PIN numbers to what pin numbers with some more pics showing these wires be soldered to each pin. And what did you use to protect those solder points after you were done? Get a little nervous with electricity...its not something I like to deal with. One wrong wire...and poof
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