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Default Hit OC wall on Q9400 & P5QL Pro

Overclocking this:
Core 2 Q9400
Freezer 7 Pro Rev2 (HSF)
Asus P5QL Pro mobo
OCZ Gold PC26400 2X1GB 800mhz
Enermax Liberty 500W
GTX 460 768mb
Windows XP

I've got it 6hrs Prime95 stable at 3400mhz (8X425mhz w/ 1.325v) with one core temps higher than the rest usually at 67c but it does go up to 70-71c for a min and then goes back down to 67 or so. So 70c is the temperature limit on the specsheet. But it's stable. Memory is at 851mhz at FSB 425mhz.

The problem is that if I increase the FSB from 425mhz even to 426mhz the machine won't POST! I've tried:
-increase CPUV as high as 1.400v.
-set memory voltage to it's highest rating 1.9v
-increase FSB Termination Voltage incrementally as high as 1.40v (max it will go)
-increase North Bridge Voltage to 1.10v then 1.20v (max is 1.4 or 1.5 but it warns of permanent damage so I didn't wanna push it)

I don't know what else to try. I've never had to mess around with voltages other than CPU and memory to get good OCs on other CPUs and when I hit OC walls I always find them by being unstable in Prime95 (never had POSTing problems).

I'm quite sure the ram is not the problem, because at FSB 425mhz I can bump the ram up to the next freq of around 1025mhz or w/e it is and it POSTs and goes into Windows fine (dunno if the ram is memtest stable at that speed, but the point is that increasing FSB to 426mhz with ram at 853mhz shouldn't be what's preventing it from POSTing).

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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