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Default HTPC case: Silverstone LC17, or Antec NSK2400/Fusion

I'm trying to piece together an HTPC from a year old HP computer. The components are as follows:
E6300, 2gb ram, mATX mobo, 1 dvd/blu combo drive , 1-2 harddrives and a 2600xt. All of the parts are basically together so the only thing to decide is what to put it in...I've been agonizing over this for a little bit now and decided to ask you guys if you have any opinions on the following cases:

Silverstone Lascala LC17:
I like this one because it has nothing unnecessary like LCD screens and volume knobs. As result it is also reasonably priced. The main concern here is that from the reviews it appears quite large, which can be a good thing since that would allow me to put an Accelero on the video card to quiet it down (the default cooler is quite loud). This case is 1.2" taller than either of the antec ones.

Antec Fusion:
Good looking case but the unnecessary display and knob increase the price quite a bit. Looks smaller than LC17 and comes with a powersupply.

Antec NSK2400:
I would get this, if it wasnt for the non-stealth drive bays and the plastic (ie ugly) front bezel.

So does anyone have anything to say about these three? perchance convince me one way or another?

I'm also taking recommendations for silent/quiet coolers for 2600xt (if Accelero S1 rev2 happens to be too large for the case of choice).

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