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Originally Posted by homer98 View Post
Hey all, just purchased an evga gtx 460, looking to play StarCraft2, I heard that it will support AA through the nvidia control panel. So where can I download it from? I've updated the video drivers, but I can't seem to find where to get the nvidia control panel.

Also, if I want to try overclocking the card, using MSI Afterburner, is there a power management feature somewhere in windows 7 that slows the card down when not pushing a heavy load? will that affect the OC'ed speeds? Thanks for the help, Cheers

You'll have to set up a profile to make SC2 not 'application controlled' for AA support. You should be able to acess the control panel by a simple right click on the desktop and clicking on the "Nvidia control panel" spot.

As to the overclocking/downclocking, as far as I'm aware (atleast with my EVGA) it auto-downclocks when not in 3D apps, even if overvolted and overclocked, and automatically ramps back up when 3D apps launch. No work needed to disable or enable this.
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