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The VGA card is always the one of the most popular market of the PC components, lots of the customers are all targeted on gaming purpose.
Moreover, the largest part of the VGA users is focused on the models under US$100, which is also the basic market.
But there are still some entry level models under US$ 60, the models are suitable for the users who can not be satisfied
with the built-in on board GPU and would like to have independent VGA card.

But at the point of my view, except the budget issue,
if users would like to choose an entry level VGA for the PC in order to get better 3D performance,
I think the best solution for the better C/P rates is to choose the VGA between US&60-US$100.

ATI provides multiple solutions in entry level and middle-end VGA cards, there are 3 different models with good performance for the price under US$100,
the highest on is the previous generation Radeon HD 4850, the cheapest one is the Radeon HD 4670.

The weakness of the “4850” is its higher power consumption and the dimensions are also larger.
And the 3D technology of “4670” is not as new as “5570” supports, and the dimensions are not available for the smaller PC.

For these 2 models listed, ATI 4850/4670 VGA both belong to the promotional models with higher C/P rates during the gap of the 2 different generations.
The price of ATI Radeon HD 5570 is between these two models, and which is designed with newer technology and using advanced process,
but I think the major advantage of ATI Radeon HD 5570 will be to use for the smaller PC mainframes.

In the recent years, no mater PC or NB, the designs of the outside dimensions are getting smaller and smaller.
At the PC end, Micro ATX has been popular for many years, but there are many kinds of Mini-ITX models came into the market this year.

So it’s quite important to have high performance & low power consumption for the model with Low Profile dimensions in the new developing market.
It was hard to find one Low Profile VGA with good 3D performance on the market before ATI Radeon HD 5570 released.
But after then, ATI Radeon HD 5570 has increased the strong power of competition for ATI.
It has better 3D performance than “4670” and it might be very possible to become the king of performance and efficiency in the field of Low Profile size.

And we also hope that ATI is able to release more Low Profile size VGA cards to have more choices for the users who love smaller PC mainframes.

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