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GPU OC 745MHz/1133MHz
System Standby - 102W

GPU Full speed - 169W

The default & over clocking settings all have no additional power consumption in standby, the entire PC keeps at around 102W.
When GPU full speed , the over clocking might increase around 18W power consumption, but the efficiency also increases around 20% more,
so the range increased of the power consumption when over clocked is also quite reasonable & acceptable.

Thermal Testing
GPU Default 650MHz/900MHz
System Standby - 50.5

GPU Full speed - 61.0

GPU OC 745MHz/1133MHz
System Standby - 51.5

GPU Full speed - 64.0

The ambient temperature is at 33 degree, no mater with over clocking or with default settings,
the standby temperature shows stable, and it just increases 3 degree when over clocked.
So it should have some help a lot by using 40nm process chipsets to control the thermal for 5570

The last, it is the one of the hottest 3D games at the moment - StarCraft II : Wings of Liberty

Setting page
GPU Default 650MHz/900MHz
Default - 49

High level settings - 40

GPU OC 745MHz/1133MHz
Default - 62

High level settings - 47

Even we keep the StarCraft II resolution at 1920 X 1200, there is still 30/fps smooth performance,
we recommended not to adjust the 3D effects too high, otherwise it might cause a little bit lag during the game.
But in the high resolution with StarCrafe II, which can still be qualified with the high loading of StarCraft II,
that means the 3D performance of 5570 is still higher than standard.
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