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Default New generation HTPC VGA card - ATI Radeon HD 5570 OC Review

The Radeon HD 5XX0 series is the latest generation of all ATI’s product lines,
the main features of which are using more 3D technology and more advanced process of the chips.
Plus, the product roadmaps of ATI and AMD are quite similar.
The products are all built either with higher C/P rates or with variety of choices for users to make the purchase by their budget easily.
There are several kinds of product lines on the PC market: 5900 / 5800 / 5700 / 5600 / 5500 / 5400,
which brought ATI new series VGA card a very good comment from the market.

I once shared an article about ATI Radeon HD “4670” at the end of 2008,
and it turned out that based on the C/P rate, the model was very popular on the market.
We can see that from the pricing and position of the product, the new generation ATI Radeon “5570” looks like the previous one “4670”,
and also seems “5570” is going to take over the lower cost level of VGA from “4670”.
The particulars of the “5570” are including supporting updated Direct X 11, ATI Eyefinity multi-screen technology and ATI Stream technology.

First, let’s take a look at the externals of ATI Radeon HD 5570, which is built with a smaller short-card design,
means which can be modified with low-profile short bracket, then put into smaller size PC to increase the 3D performance,
although one D-Sub connector could be missing.

From the rear, we can see that there is a metal bracket to hold the heat-spreader on the front side by 4 screws on the rear.

Built-in GDDR3, there are total 8 pcs. of Samsung memory chips on the both sides of the PCB. Frequency is 900Mhz, means it should be DDR3 / 1800.
The total capacity is 1024MB, it should be enough to support most of the usage in any kinds of conditions.

The heat-spreader is so quite during the operation, no noises, copper made looks very pretty.

From the left side, we can see all components “5570” is using, and also with the very dense circuit design.
ATI has a very good standard in using the materials & components from the generic PCB design.
Since AND & ATI were combined several years ago, we can find AMD brand name on ATI products nowadays.

“5570” has built-in D-SUB, DVI & HDMI three different kinds of output connectors.

We can see the ATI “5570” chipset is MADE IN TAIWAN after we removed the heat-spreader.

The heat-spreader is designed with a large copper base to use for heat spreading, and the quality of the thermal paste also looks very good.
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