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Default DVDFab - Free HD Decrypter

I did not see this software mentionned on any recent topic so I thought I'dd point it out.

DVDFab HD Decrypter. Free to Decrypt DVD and Blu-ray, free to Copy DVD and Blu-ray.

I personnally like to have lossless images of my movies, either blu rays or DVD's. So I put it on my PC (or a soon to come file server) so I throw the (goddamn) boxe away somewhere I won't see it. I used to be a fan of AnyDVD HD, but this one software is just awesome. Yet, I still like Anydvd HD very much, but why would I pay when I can do the same faster for free...

So this software will allow you to make a backup of your movies easily without struggling through many steps.

I just recently bought my blu ray ready so I had a trial version of AnyDVD. But it was requiring an update to make a backup of "The Warlords", and it expired later on.

So for my movies (actually 4 movies...) I was using AnyDVD HD to make and unprotected ISO of my movies, then I was using DVDFab 6 to keep only the stuff I did want on the blu rays, ie: main movie track, french audio track, english audio tracks (2.1, HD audio) and subtitles. I want to "get my ears used to english", but sometimes I'm just too lazy to listen a movie in english, and some of my friends just don't understand it at all, hence my needs for many audio track.

Now with this DVDFab decrypter, I put the movie in, load the software, 2 clicks and 40 minutes later I have my movie on my HD. What I do like is, when I load the iso images, there is no f****ing advertisements, (these are ok at the theather, but on a movie you buy it's so annoying...), no menu, nothing. Load it, and watch it. select the audio track/subtitles with a right clic and it's done.

I know most people have a lot of movies and will prefer to have smaller files, but I like how hassle-free it is . I'm not too short on money right now so I don't mind to spend on upcomming hard drives, which are probably going to be 3TB or 4TB when I buy 'em at $100. (By cutting on all the crap the blu rays contains, 4 of 'em lost ~ 12-15GB and are now 34, 31, 27 and 18GB, but one of 'em went from 49 to 45GB.

So finally, By the time I need more space, which probably be in one year or so, I believe there will be a way to keep all the content I want in a less GB-hungry file format in a 2 clic way. Until then, DVDFag HD decrypter gonna be pretty usefull..

Oh and may I add, there is something I do not understand yet. I can use all the DVDFab features with this free HD Decrypter.. I really don't get it, but I won't complain about that for sure.

Here's what my DVDFab can do: (i'll try to translate it.. I'll prolly fail for some ;) )
---DVD to DVD
-Whole DVD
-Main movie
-customized division
-more (?)
-Clone (not too sure about the difference with copying the whole dvd..)
---DvD to portable players:
-DvD to iPod/iPhone - iPad - PSP - Zune - NDS - more (?)
---Blu-Ray to Blu-Ray
-Whole CD
Main movie
Write Data (?)
---Blu-Ray to portable players:
-DvD to iPod/iPhone - Xbox 360- PS3 - iPad - MKV - AVI

That's about it I believe. A very nice software I long used that works very nicely. When it's free, can't ask much more...

-Edit: I re-read my post, not too sure about it, but i think I can of fail when I try to make long/nice english sentences -.-
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