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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
Believe me the Torch should be running OS6 in Canada mainly in part i've used the Torching running OS6 in Canada. My gripe is its shortcomings, lack of irc client at all, OS6 requires more ram to use the browser (aka older models if upgraded to it even the bold 9700 will have the web browser run/load slower). OS6 isn't really as great of a thing once you've had to use it for a bit, sure the interface feels like it runs faster but some things like the web browser or limited apps is why im thinking of shying away from it. All of you whom are using OS5 devices, i'd recommend when its available to upgrade to the newest update to OS5 (faster browser) and stay away from OS6
Hrmmm... that's interesting to hear. Now I'll have to rethink my cell phone options. Although there will be a plethora of new phones by the time I upgrade I think.

My suggestion is to stay away from the iPhone, although for your uses you probably aren't really considering it anyway. Sure it has a billion and one apps available for it and a lot of useful features and support; but Apple's dominating DRM mentality has already caused me no end of grief over my short ownership. (My primary PC is constantly being upgraded, which is something iTunes and the App Store do NOT deal with well at all.)

My suggestion based off a combination of online research, user reviews and endless time spent at GSMArena, would be the Galaxy S. It looks to have all the features your after (including IRC support), and while the Android Market isn't nearly as expansive as the App Store; it's a hell of a lot better than almost any other offering.
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