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Isn't the GT240 identical to the 8800GT/9800GT? I own an 8800GT and it is a great card. Not top of the line anymore (I just replaced it) but it's not too long, it's single slot, it's relatively low power, it's silent when not playing games (and fairly loud when playing games) but it CAN play a lot of games well enough. If you aren't trying to play Crysis on high or Metro 2033, but just want to play 2008/2009 games once in a while then I say it's a good card.

It fits fine in my Aspire X Q-pack or w/e it's called (it's an mATX case). Then again, just about any video card will fit in that case, it's just a matter of whether it covers the SATA connectors on whatever mobo you are using :P. The 8800GT is about 9.25" long, I just measured it.

If you wanted your HTPC to be your main gaming machine I'd stick the GTX 460 768mb in there cuz it's only $200 and it's plenty powerful enough for any modern games and when on idle it consumes like only 6w and it's whisper quite no matter if it's OC'd to the max and playing a game. It's also short at 8.1".

But I'm sensing that's not your plan. So my vote is for the 9800GT or maybe the GT240 if it's on par in performance.
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