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My System Specs


Seriously though, why would you give up on one of the potentially best GTX470's out there. (for a non power consumption related issue)

Your temps are normal, they run that hot and they easily push 100c in stuff like Furmark/OCCT.

What I did to reduce temps was I took off the shroud and strapped a Sanyo Denki fan to the heatsink. It's a little loud but not as loud as the stock delta on 100%, not to mention temps dropped nearly 10c. Any good quality fan should be able to make a pretty big difference. Problem with that setup is it kicks a ton of hot air around in your case, so I wouldn't recommended it if you don't have good airflow/high positive pressure.

You could also use stuff like the high flow bracket or backplate from EVGA, they'll all reduce your temps by a bit.
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