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I don't know a lot about the 4890 but I don't doubt it's not far off from the same performance as the 460 768mb. That particular review of the 460 768mb that _dangtx_ linked does really seem to put the 4890 on equal footing with it.

How much does your particular 4890 OC? I own the Gigabyte GTX 460 768mb and I got a 30% OC on it, from 675mhz to 875mhz (MSI Afterburner software; which allows you to overvolt too... and I've got it overvolted as much as possible (which does NOT add much heat, the HSF handles it fine at 55% speed and is still whisper quite)).

Considering your resolution of 1680*1050, you are much less in need of the extra memory and memory bandwidth that your 4890 has.

So, I am confident you will get a very slight increase in performance except in those rare cases where a game really favors ATI over Nvidia. Usually driver updates levels that out.

I agree with Kilauea that it's a fine move as long as you are spending next to nothing to do the trade.
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