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you can run a 5870 with your setup...scratch that the 300 dont think it takes long cards.
Just to follow up on this quote, I had a hd5870 ref. in a Antec 300. So YES it fits! TIGHT!!!!!!!!!! But it fits, with about 1/8" of an inch left before hitting the drive cage...some 5870 like the ASUS 5870 V2 would not fit, because of the location of the power connectors at the end of the card tho.

I realise that you want to use a free OS (linux), but I would go Win7 home premium for MEDIA CENTER. also, you know you'll be re-using that OS later. $105 pricematched for win7 64 bits from NCIX or DC...
For the OP... 5770!!! You want an HTPC card that can run a few games, with HDMI output, with full support for audio formats, well there you go! - Buy ASUS Radeon HD 5770 Cu Core 1GB DDR5 PCI-E VGA DVI-I HDMI Video Card - EAH5770 CUCORE/2DI/1GD5/A In Canada.

$139 after MIR @ NCIX
$150 after MIR at DC
ASUS Radeon HD 5770 Cu Core 1GB DDR5 PCI-E VGA DVI-I HDMI Video Card - DirectCanada

I'm leaning towards buying a used 9800GT/GTX+ based card but was wondering if someone who has owned both cards or is very familiar with both can comment.
I didn't own any one of these, but the 9800GTX ones use 2 PCI-E 6 pins, the HD5770 uses one. I guess you want to go with a less power-hungry card in an two cents...
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