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Default HTPC v.s. 'Gaming' cards

I'm just hoping to get some other perspectives.

I'm shopping for a video card, fairly cheap. I'm looking for one on here or someplace fairly cheap. If used, I hope to get something that is mid-grade. If I buy new, I think I'd just get a 9800GT or 240 GT. I'm wondering if I should get a card mostly for HTPC or compromise a bit and get something that could also game. I'm not sure how well the 240GT is for gaming.

I wouldn't mind a backup card, either. My current video card which will go into a 'new' build is an ATI X300SE. Not exactly the best. I'm leaving the other card in the desktop which I'll take out the cpu to go in the new machine.

Anyway, how hot do the 9800GT and 9800GTX+ (GTS 250) run? This will be in an Antec 300 case with fans on all the ports and a Corsair HX520 PSU. I don't want to spend much on the old tech. in case I decide to later on buy a more high-grade card. The GT 240 is small and more oriented to be a HTPC. But, tech-wise, it doesn't look too good for much else.

I'm leaning towards buying a used 9800GT/GTX+ based card but was wondering if someone who has owned both cards or is very familiar with both can comment.

The reason I'm going with Nvidia is because I also use Linux. Everything I've read indicates ATI cards suck in Linux especially if you wanted a HTPC. Hardware acceleration doesn't work and there's major 2D/3D issues despite the choice of two different drivers.

'Hope to get some opinions/perspectives before the end of the weekend. I have offers to buy a couple of cards and I hope to get the build complete by the end of this coming week.

Thanks in advance for any comments! :)
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