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Originally Posted by oldbetang View Post
A glossy frame wouldn't bother me. The panel, however, is another story. I looked at one the other day in Staples that was horrible in that regard. I think it was an HP. At least it appeared to be glossy anyway.

Speaking of the Samsung 226bw, do they still distribute the "A" panel or should I feel confident that I'd get one with the "S" panel if I ordered one today?
The glossy screens look really bad under flourescent lighting, but it's honestly not a big deal when you get it home. I have a Sony MFM-HT205 w/ a glossy screen and it doesn't bother me at all. Actually, unless you shine a light directly on the thing, you can't even tell it's glossy unless you turn it off. The increased black depth and colour saturation from the glossy finish is a good thing, IMO.
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