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Default Asus 5870 ROG Matrix Platinum & GPU question.

Hello. My brother is selling me his Asus 5870 ROG Matrix Platinum edition card and I have a question about the two 8 pin connections. My PSU is a Silverstone DA-1000 which has 4x6 pin PCIE connectors and 2x8 pin PCIE connectors. The Asus requires 2x8 pin connections and it comes with two 6pin to 8pin connectors. Would it be better to use two 6pin to 8pin connectors that come with the card or just use the two 8pin connector cables that come with the Silverstone?

Case - Cooler Master HAF X
CPU - Intel i7 920 @ 3.6 GHz
Mobo - Asus P6X58D
PSU - Silverstone DA-1000
GPU - Gigabyte 5870 SOC
Corsair Dominator DDR3 8GB 1600
Cm V-8
2 x WD 300GB Velociraptors Raid 0
WD Black 1Tb and WD Black 500GB
Logitech G19 keyboard
Razer Mamba mouse

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