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I sent my card in...can't wait to see what they'll send back.

Meanwhile I found this on the EVGA forum, for your info:

If you're wondering about what product you will be replaced with in your RMA, then please read on.

EVGA keeps a private stock of all the products they have ever made for RMA replacement purposes. They will strive to replace you with the same model that you have sent them.

If for some reason they cannot find the exact model as the one you have sent them, then they will replace it with a product of equal or better performance.

  • EVGA handles all RMA's on a case-by-case basis.
  • They choose a replacement based on its performance, not its retail value.
  • As far as the exact model is concerned, there is no guarantee.
  • Just remember that no matter what happens, EVGA will NOT downgrade you.

Also, please be sure to mention to the EVGA representative, or on the RMA Submission form:

  • What kind of power supply you have (Power specs, model, available PCI-E 6-pin or 8-pin power connectors)
  • What other components are running on your motherboard (RAM, PCI devices)
  • If you are running in SLI (If so, which motherboard)
  • If your system/chassis is low-profile, or has limited space

Doing these things should shave a little more time off of the already quick processing at the RMA department. If you are having trouble with the RMA process, or if you believe that you didn't receive a sufficient replacement, then please call EVGA at:

1-888-881-EVGA (3842)

Thank you.
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