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My System Specs


And just to elaborate, this array is going along side my Vertex 2 120GB. It'll basically hold all my games and static files (music, pictures, videos etc). I'd say all my apps will be on the SSD, maybe with the exception of CS5. I also run VM's from time to time as required by my school courses or for personal usage, so those will be off the RAID5 too. Just normal VMWare Workstation though.

I'm aware of the TLER issues, but isn't that mainly with WD only? Haven't seen much about Samsung having that.

As for a hot-spare, does that mean the drive is just sitting there idle in my case? If a drive dies, I'd be ordering a new one same day and it'd be there within a day or 2, which I think I could live with the degraded performance.

Would a 4-port 3Ware 9650 be a good choice? I have an offer for a used one at a pretty affordable price.
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