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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
In my opinion the ICH10R does fine.

It does online RAID migration and expansion which allows you to start off with 2 drives that are mirrored and then add 2 more drives and switch them to a 4 drive raid 5. The speed increase is there but it sucks if you lose power or hard lock in a game that causes a rebuild as your computer is going to be running slower than normal for a while.
and what happens when this happens with his onboard controller and it starts to do a rebuild in raid 5 it wil take even longer. There is a reason that hardware raid is still used in enterprise solutions. Also the ichr10 is still essentially a software raid. a very good one, but still software. ( and while i use it for my boot ssd array i don't keep anything on it that isn't backed up elsewhere as i don't trust it.) if you were to run raid levels 1, 0 or 10 then i would say don't bother with a hardware controller but anything that requires parity you really should.
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