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ideally for RAID 5 you should be using a hardware controller as you will get much better performance since RAID 5 uses parity. Also for raid 5 i would recommend a minimum of 4 disk. 3 in the array and one as a hot spare to be added in the event a drive dies or is dropped from the array.

in regards to raid cards if you stick with something from 3ware/LSI, Areca or Adaptec you should be fine. i would look at the SAS/SATA raid cards with the breakout cables you could then later move to a larger chassis and use a SAS expander.

Also keep in mind that sometimes there are issues with consumer drives (ie: non raid edition) in the area of TLER or power saving modes while that is good for single drive solutions it can cause headaches in raid configuration. Just google TLER and Western Digital and you will see what i mean.
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