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Originally Posted by Jhayman View Post
I use my PS3 for this purpose..
I can assure you It does do subtitles and does them well..
As for fast fordwarding 1080P titles, the PS3 does it with ease, just use the time seek index it works flawlessly..
Once I discovered the media server function on the PS3 I've locked myself in my basement watching Bluray rips and 6 terabytes of Movies and Music I have..I love it..
The PS3 is only good as a media player for formats it supports natively. (M2TS etc). The more popular MKV format commonly used for ripping Blu-Rays don't work on the PS3, you need to re-encode ahead of time, or transcode on the fly. Both options are considerably more annoying than buying a $90 media player.


I've tried the PBO and Asus O!Play, both are amazing at network streaming for 720P or below. Both have issues with streaming 1080P over lan. Gigabit lan could help, but I don't think so, what stutters on these devices don't stutter on an HTPC, my guess is that it's something to do with caching or buffers getting emptied too quickly. Gigabit lan could solve the problem, but if these cheapskates put in 512MB - 2GB of temporary storage ... it would probably work better than Gigabit lan anyway.

^^ Local storage wise, PBO and Asus O!Play are perfect, no hiccups with high bit rate 1080P.

The good news, 720P stuff looks great anyway, and my laundry room server is able to stream a 1080P movie to my HTPC (10/100), while streaming a 720P movie to my sister's O!Play (10/100), no stuttering for either client :P

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