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My System Specs


Originally Posted by JerryZ View Post
Hi I have TP-LINK tl-wr1043nd router with latest DD-WRT and my ps3 wifi connection is slow all of a sudden.

Has anyone had problems with DD-WRT on ps3? I have tried port forwarding and DMZ with no luck. Upnp is on.

I reset the settings of my router and got 3.5mp on ps3 but it went down 2 hours later to like 800ks. I have also reflashed and change speed settings/channels on router with no luck. Any suggestions?

If you have close neighbors...

Check if someone is trying to brute force authentication on your AP.
Check if someone else is using your AP.
Check if you are on the same frequency as another AP or IBSS network in range of yours.
Check if you somehow managed to put some bandwidth management/QoS on restricting your usage (?)
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