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My System Specs


Originally Posted by shayan288 View Post
Alright that's good news. I probably won't sell it, but just use step up because it's a better alternative for me. It's nice to know that the 480 isn't as devilish hot as people say it is. One more question: Have you ever tried overclocking it at all? And what case do you have that you say that you can't hear the fan at 81%? Because I have an Antec 1200, and when my 460's fan is at 60% and above, I can hear it pretty clearly.
Hmm well I have my own tolerance as well. Living in Kelowna I have an AC unit running all the time to keep the temps around 25-26C at home and a big house fan to push that air around.
I have an older thermal take armor(before the big side fan was added) with 7 internal fans as well. I can hear when EVGA precision boots up and ramps up the fan speed, but after that it just kind of melds into the white noise after a while.

If you keep the computer in your room, your room WILL get hot, the card does push a lot of warm air into the room. On the plus side though the card idles in windows at 43C and I've seen it hold that temp in my case with the fan at 20%. So it is pretty efficient, at cooling itself down. So if the computer is in your room you can definitely set up profiles to change the fan speed according to temperature and keep the noise levels down.

In my case personally fan noise doesn't bother me though, so my opinion is very subjective.

I am jealous of your CPU, if I could find one for cheap and a new 775 mobo I would jump on it, they are great chips.
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