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My System Specs


I say sell your 460, buy a 480.
Keep your Q9550 for another year or so, benchmarks show very little difference between a well oc'd/cooled Q9550 and an i7 920 in gaming and every day tasks.
Yes if you get into compression and photoshopping etc.. all that stuff the i7 will be more powerful and efficient with it's cycles, but in gaming you get very little of that.
In a year or two you'll start seeing games taking advantage of that technology and then by then the 6+ cores will be out at the same prices(ridiculous) as the 920's are.

An SSD or selling your 460 and going to a single 480 will show the best bang for your buck atm.
As long as you keep your case clean and use evga precision(or something like it) to force the fan to 79-81%(sweet spot in sound for my case, can barely hear it) cooling will be very little of an issue. With the latest drivers I have never seen my card go past 91C and only then with a benchmark. Gaming I rarely hit 80C unless I'm showing off Metro maxed lol
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