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dangtx : Even tho I wrote up to 3k, I'd really like to stay as much as possible near the 2.5k. Both cases are selling for more 309$ and 239$ ( HAF X is 199$). Is the HAF X not appropriate for this build and are the Corsair that much better for 40$ more (110$ 800d) or could this money be either saved or invested into other parts ? I'll go read on theses cases meanwhile and thanks for this fast response already

Also, when i'll see my friend i'll ask him wich PSU he has and just to make it clear, all he wants is to upgrade is ram and not the video card ( He's also stuck with Windows Vista)

Rapmaster : Thanks I didn't know that. So buying an i7 would be a complet waste for someone who is mostly gaming, web surfing and watching movies ?
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