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Nvidia Unleashes New Fermi Chip, GeForce GTX 480M Mobile Solution - X-bit labs

Nvidia GeForce GTX 480M seems to be based on the code-named GF104 processor, which is a cut down version of the original GF100 first shown in September, 2009. The new chip sports 352 stream processors (SPs), 44 texture units (TUs), 32 render back ends (RBEs), 256-bit memory controller along with advanced feature-set. Thanks to decreased complexity of the GF104 processor compared to the predecessor, the new GPU can operate at 850MHz, a rather unprecedented speed for the GF100. Nvidia did not declare thermal design power of the new solution, but earlier reports suggested that the TDP of the model GTX 480M is about 100W.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 1GB & GTX 460 768MB Review


edit : wiki says something else

Comparison of Nvidia graphics processing units - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

gf100 in a laptop? good god
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