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Thanks all for weighing in! I did some more research and ended up going 1156 instead of 1366... seemed better bang for the buck for a single vidcard system. To all those who suggested not going with OCZ ram too... The salesguy I had at NCIX agrees with your opinions. ;-)

In the end I got:
-2.93 i7 1156
-gigabyte ud3 board (I wanted the fast charging usb thing)
-evga 470 gtx superclocked (hard to find a 460 right now and this was on sale)
-2x4gb patriot ram
power supply is interesting- my initial choice was way too little once I went 470 so they sold me an OCZ 650w... After I installed it I found that it still didn't have enough amperage on the 12v side for the card. I'm returning it towards a corsair hx750 tomorrow.

Thanks again all! I'm waiting on the ram (which wasn't in stock) and then I'll build this thing up

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